What is the Subaru Love Promise?

by Tom Talbott on April 17, 2014

Subaru has long held the position that when you do things the right way, the path to success is a much smoother ride.  That includes giving back to the communities by committing to work, support, and partner with educational, health, environment, and animal organizations.  More than talk,  Subaru has set itself apart from other businesses through its deeds, and the deeds of its partners, and its dealerships.  The goal is to be unlike any other car company, by doing what’s right because it is the right thing to do, not just to say you did it.

On a national level, Subaru of America’s “Share The Love”  has given $35 million to partner charities over the past 6 years.  Every charity has one thing in common: complete dedication to improve the world and the lives of its people. Subaru-Love-Promise-Patriot-Subaru

So Subaru has announced a new initiative named the Subaru Love Promise, which as described, is a promise to do right by the communities it touches.  Dealerships pledge to uphold this promise, by reaching out and doing more than ever before to provide its support to its customers, charitable organizations, and associates.  The pledge is described as follows:

“I believe in being more than a Subaru retailer. I believe in being part of my community. In setting an example. In building lifelong relationships. And in ensuring the love is felt not just by our customers, but by all. Not because it’s good for business. Because it’s the right thing to do.”

Your local Maine Subaru dealer was part of a pilot program to launch the campaign, and wrote a series of stories that outlined various events it had recently conducted that exemplified the Love Promise.  From dog adoptions, to reducing energy consumption, or fundraising for disaster relief, the store shared what was done, and how it was accomplished.  The goal is to act as a catalyst of ideas, literally to create a library of events and programs that can be shared with other dealers, and then implemented in their respective cities and towns.

For more information on the Subaru Love Promise, click here.


The Maine Lab Rescue in Windham Maine, founded in 2012, is a foster based organization that focuses on saving Labs and Lab mixes from high-kill shelters or other undesirable situations. The MLR also rescues mixed breed dogs, puppies, as well as cats and kittens.  Instead of staying at one shelter, the animals are taken in by foster homes while the await adoption.

Patirot Subaru with Maine Lab Rescue

Dog Adoption Day at Patriot Subaru, Saco Maine, with Maine Lab Rescue.

This is a private, mostly volunteer group.  Funding comes through individual and corporate donations, and nothing is received from federal, state, or local government.

As a foster organization, MRL has a Me. Dept of Agriculture permit to import dogs and cats into Maine, and from there they work with foster homes who take the animals in.  This is sometimes the first home the animals have known, and it allows them time to adjust to being with people.  Adoption Days are held at various businesses and community events year-round, where potential adoptive families can come and meet the animals, brought in by the foster family. It is expected that the adoptive family spend several hours with the animal getting to know each other before an adoption is processed.  The MRL looks for homes that will provide the love, care, and attention to the animals.

Your Maine Subaru store has conducted several dog adoption events with the foster-based Maine Lab Rescue,  with great success, placing between 12-15 dogs on average at each event.

One item learned from the MRL is the need for healthy dogs to donate blood.  Transfusions can be life-saving,  in the event of a road traffic accident, digesting poison, or from some other form of trauma.  Donor dogs should be vaccinated, (not 10-4 days before donation) free of infections and parasites, and not pregnant. For more info:  Dog Blood Donors


Subaru Promotes 2015 WRX STi With A Stick Bomb Video

by Tom Talbott on March 16, 2014

subaru-wrx-sti-stickbomb-1-650x0Do you know what a “Stick Bomb” is?   Sounds alarming. NCIS stuff.  But apparently Subaru knows how to make them, and they put them into use to promote the new 2015 Subaru WRX. The results were…explosive!  Your Maine Subaru dealer did a little research to find out more.

A stick bomb is nothing more than a collection of wooden tongue depressors that have been woven together.   The slight bend in the flexible wood pressing against each other hold the frame together.  When one of  the sticks is removed, it starts a chain reaction of all the sticks popping,  just like a line of dominos falling against each other.

So what did Subaru do?   They hired a Japanese studio to create a video called the “WRX STi vs The Stick Bomb”, which you can find on YouTube.   It was all done inside a film production studio, with a toy model radio controlled  WRX STi, and 30,000 sticks!   The specialists use 3D printing to create the background images, and the results were incredible.

Using 25 GoPro camcorders, high speed videography, and an assortment of cranes,  the shooting took place over 3 days and 3 nights,  never taking a break.  Every time a scene had to be re-shot, hundreds of sticks had to be rewoven.

So while the video does not delve into what makes a Subaru WRS STi one of the world’s hottest cars to drive,  you come away from this video with one word – Awesome!

The video:  WRX STi vs. Stickbomb- Click Here. 

The video of how it was made – Click Here!



Subaru Share The Love Hits Home

by Tom Talbott on March 10, 2014

Patriot Subaru, in Saco, Maine was proud to present a check in the amount of $5958 to the ALS Association Northern New England Chapter,  as part of the national Subaru Share The Love, 2013-2014 Event. The Subaru Share The Love Event has become one of the most powerful charitable drives in the country, having now generated over $35 million dollars in contributions over the past six events.

The program is simple. Between the time frame of roughly Thanksgiving to New Years,  Subaru donates $250 for every new Subaru sold to a select group of national charities.  That choice of which charity goes to the customer. Some of the charitable organizations involved include the ASPCA, Meals on Wheels Association of America, National Park Foundations, Make-A-Wish, and Teach For America.

This past event, 2013-2014, Subaru gave local dealers the opportunity to name a local charity to add to the mix, giving the customer a choice of six. The local charity had to meet specific criteria in terms of their organization,  area they serve, and so on.

Your Saco,Maine Subaru dealer reached out to the ALS Association Northern New England Chapter to be their “6th Charity”.   The ALS Association works with people with Lou Gehrigs Disease, and with the families to provide support, care, and services in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

The partnership kicked off with a BBQ at the store, hosted by members of the ALS Association.  Of note, the group passed out information to educate people that Veterans are twice as likely to be affected by ALS than the general public.

In the picture with the jumbo check are Patriot Subaru General Manager, Brian Beattie, ALS NNE Chapter Director, Amy Kuzma, ALD Care Service Coordinator, Nell Davis, ALD Fundraising and Community Relations Manager, Amy Coyne, and Subaru of New England District Sales Manager, Bill Bergeon.

Patriot Subaru ALS Presentation Share The Love 2014 2




Subaru Stellar Care Award

by Tom Talbott on March 8, 2014

Patriot Subaru 2014 Stellar AwardThe Subaru Stellar Care Award is something special, not only for the dealers who earn the coveted award, but for the customers. That’s because Subaru dealers know that when you put the customers first, they’ll put the dealership first. Ultimately it is a win-win-win scenario, with the Subaru customers having a great ownership experience, the Subaru dealer earning repeat business, and the Subaru brand gaining recognition and value.

So earning the award is not a simple task. To receive the award, the dealer must attain a defined list of performance measures by year’s end. The list is long and expectations are high. They are under continual review and consistency counts.  A thumbnail review of the criteria include:

  • Facility – exceeding standards for cleanliness and comfort for guests.    
  • Sales Operations – from meet and greet to test drive to delivery, the experience has to be exceptional. 
  • Service Operations – Repair equipment and diagnostics state-of-the-art.   
  • Training – Up to date, current, and complete.   
  • Finance Department – Specialists in the field, educated to handle all needs.  

Each area is covered in great detail, set to the highest standards of excellence. Patriot Subaru in Saco, Maine has earned an unprecedented 10 consecutive Subaru Stellar Care Awards.  What’s more, that’s 10 for the 10 years that this Maine Subaru dealer has been in business.  That is one of the best, if not the best, in Subaru dealer history.

For a detailed pdf of how the Stellar Care Award is determined for a Subaru dealer, click here.



Subaru Tops List of NADA Used Car Value Retention

by Tom Talbott on March 1, 2014

nadalogoYou’ve heard the expression that as soon as you drive your new car off the lot it’s value drops dramatically. Ouch!  It’s a fact that time and mileage reduce the value, simply known as depreciation. Some cars  have a slower rate of depreciation, which leads to better retained value, or “retention”.  It’s a combination of being built better at the beginning, as well as the overall demand to buy that car even though it is used.

The NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association)  has just released it’s 2014 report on the value retention of current passenger cars on the road today. The report is divided into categories: Subcompact (smallest size),  Compact (standard),  Mid-Size (Upgrade), Large Car (aka boats!), and Luxury (highest price).  Retention value was calculated were based on 3 year old cars, trim level 2011.  Numbers were based on 3 month average of NADA average trade in value divided by the MSRP.

Out of all the categories combined, the 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza was the #1 Car in Retention Value, with a score of 63.5%.  In it’s individual category of Compact Car, the Impreza was an impressive 4 points higher than the 2nd best, the Hyundai Elantra.

Not to be outdone, Subaru scored another #1 in the Mid-Size car, with the Subaru Legacy topping that list with a retention value of 60.9%, well ahead of #2 the Kia Optima at 58%.

NADA summarizes by saying, “While economic factors can have a similar effect on depreciation across different makes and models, top retaining models possess a unique combination of superior characteristics- rock solid quality and dependability, an impressive balance between performance and fuel efficiency, and eye-catching design – that slow the annual rate of decline.

For the full NADA Review from February 2014. click here.


Patriot Subaru Earns 10th Consecutive Stellar Care Award

by Tom Talbott on February 23, 2014

Patriot Subaru Stellar Care Award 2014Subaru of America has announced the 2014 recipients of the Subaru Stellar Care Award, designating an elite group of dealers who have shown their dedication to customer experience throughout the year.  Patriot Subaru, Saco, Maine is once again very proud to receive this award of recognition, understanding that this award does not come easily, and is highly coveted by Subaru dealers across the country.

What’s interesting, is that this Maine Auto Dealer has earned the award for 10 consecutive years, every year that it has been in business.  Since opening in November 2003,  Patriot has been recognized every year, from 2004-2014.  That record is unprecedented in the halls of Subaru.

Award recipients meet the high Stellar Care benchmarks for customer satisfaction, brand representation, and operational excellence.  The Subaru brand has enjoyed record sales for the past four years and this success is in large part due to the excellence of the Subaru retail body. Stellar Care Award winners excel in the way they take care of their customers and represent the Subaru brand.

Performance measures for the program range from participation in all customer focused Subaru programs to maintaining a customer-friendly, inviting facility.  Dealers must also attain outstanding satisfaction scores for all key areas in sales and service.



Travis Pastrana Back With Subaru Rally Team

by Tom Talbott on February 22, 2014

One of the most popular and successful motorsports racers, and renowned stunt performer, Travis Pastrana, has rejoined the Subaru Rally Team, the team where he started his career back in 2004.  Pastrana will join with defending five time Rally America Champion, David Higgins.


Rob Weir, Subaru’s Motorsports Marketing Director announced that “Subaru is very excited to bring back both of our former rally champions. Between David and Travis, Subaru Rally Team USA has won the Rally America Championship seven times in the last eight years. Having them together this season will give us our best chance at defending our title.”  David Higgins teamed with Craig Drew to win the last three Rally America title’s, plus the Manufacturer’s Title.

Pastrana earned four straight championship titles with the Subaru Rally Team from 2006 to 2010.  “I’m so happy to be back with the team I’ve been most successful with in the past. Rally racing is where my heart is and it’s a privilege to do it in a Subaru. The competition is stronger and our cars are faster than they have ever been here in the USA. It won’t be easy to get back to the top, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!” stated Pastrana.

The Pastrana/Higgins duo will race in a 2014 Subaru WRX STi’s,  with both cars managed by Vermont SportsCar, sponsored by Subaru of America.  The word is that by the latter part of the season, the team will switch into the 2015 model of the STi.   For more information on the Subaru Rally Team, click here.    Follow the team on twitter: @srtusa.

Check out the WRX Sti at your Portland, Maine Subaru Leader!


For the 6th consecutive year, Patriot Subaru in Saco, Maine has given away a brand new Subaru for Valentines Day.  We reported on this in our December 26, blog.    And now, we have a winner!

Patriot Subaru 2014 Subaru Impreza Winner

Brian Beattie, Ashley McPherson on the left, and Adam Arens on the right, flank the 2014 Patriot Subaru Impreza winner, Kathleen Potrepka!

In between some incredible snow storms, the clouds parted on Valentines Day, February 14th, 2014.  The entries from in-store registrations were combined with online Facebook registrations, and a number was selected at random. The winning number matched up to Kathleen Potrepka.

We made a call to Kathleen, not revealing it was Patriot Subaru,  but only to say we had a flower delivery for her, and just wanted to be sure she’d be home.  Taking the car over was Adam Arens/Owner, Brian Beattie/GM, and Ashley McPherson/Internet Sales Mgr.  When the team arrived, Kathleen was out shoveling her walk.  Adam brought the flowers to her, which delighted her,  but at this point, Kathleen still had no idea she had won the Subaru Impreza 2.0i.  When he handed her the keys to the car,  all we can say is – she was beyond stunned!  It was an amazing moment.

The group returned to the store to complete the paperwork, and was greeted by all the employees and associates; sales, service, parts, accounting – everybody!

When the message went out on Facebook,  there were hundreds and hundreds of responses from well-wishers.  These were all people who had entered, but alas, were not the lucky winner.  But it just goes to show the good heart and great feeling that everyone had toward the giveaway.  But – there’s always next year!

Patriot Subaru 2014 Impreza Giveaway

Patriot Subaru Impreza Giveaway 2014 Winner, Kathleen Potrepka, sits in her new Impreza 2.0i, cheered on by the Patriot Subaru team!






Subaru EyeSight™ System Is A James Bond Dream

by Tom Talbott on February 5, 2014

Subaru Eyesight™ SystemJames Bond never had this!  The Subaru EyeSight“™ system uses three-dimensional images captured by a pair of cameras mounted at the top of the windshield.  These high-tech cameras monitor the road ahead, literally locking on to other moving vehicles. It can recognize potentially dangerous traffic situations, and with both audible and visual warnings, alert the driver to take action. In fact, if action is not taken, the EyeSight™ system will apply  automatic braking if necessary, to help prevent or reduce the amount of impact of a front end collision.

At your Maine Subaru Dealer,  we’d be happy to take you out for a test ride, because seeing it in action will really show you how amazing the it is.  Simply put, if a driver is distracted and fails to react, you have a dangerous situation.  Eyesight™ is designed to assist in several ways. Features include:

  • Pre-Collision Braking System provides automatic braking when the system detects a potential front impact.
  • Pre-Collision Brake Assist alerts the driver with audible sound, and provides brake assistance.
  • Pre-Collision Throttle Management automatically reduces acceleration when it senses a possible impact.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Lane Sway and Departure Warning gives warning to the driver if the vehicle sways within or moves out of its lane.
  • Lead Vehicle Start Alert prompts the driver to take action when the traffic starts moving.

The second generation of  EyeSight™  uses an enhanced color recognition system, that enabled the automatic pre-collision braking from 31 mph, and the pre-collision brake assist from 43mph, which are both 12mph faster than the debut system.

James Bond,  known to often drive the Aston Martin D85, was a pretty cool car, with the machine gun and oil slick defense, but James would have definitely given the Subaru Eyesight™ system a big thumbs up!